events and meetings

Meeting Rooms

The various rooms of the Buninyong Town hall are suitable for many different functions:

  • Dinners, fundraisers and dances
  • Meetings (private and public)
  • Exhibitions
  • Concerts/Theatre performances
  • Festivals
  • Community groups
  • Exercise classes and dancing
  • Markets

Dinners, fundraisers and dances are welcome at the Buninyong Town Hall. We have hosted many private dinners, reunions, fundraisers, celebrations, wakes, trivia nights, etc.

Meetings large, medium or small, can be comfortably held in the Main Hall, Supper Room or Committee Room, with the advantage of the adjacent kitchen for supplying refreshments.

Concerts, exhibitions, festivals, film screenings all go well in the Buninyong Town Hall. The large stage, which can be opened or closed off with heavy curtains, faces a large open area with removable seating for audiences of more than 100 people.

The Buninyong Town Hall offers an excellent venue for Community Groups needing an enclosed space for a variety of activities. e.g. exercise classes, dance classes, etc.

The Buninyong Town hall provides an excellent venue for markets, with large and small rooms indoors for stalls needing weather protection. A wide shared forecourt also allows rows of outdoor stalls and marquees to be erected with strong visibility from the Midland Highway.

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