1. The hirer shall in all cases, be liable for any loss or damage to the Buninyong Town Hall’s facilities and/or equipment that is caused by, or due to, any actions or activities of the hirer, or any person involved in activities conducted by the hirer.
  2. The hirer shall be liable for any injury or accident, which may occur to any person involved in any activity in the facility hired, or the surrounding area of the premises.
  3. The Buninyong Town Hall committee shall in no way be held responsible for any loss or injury suffered by the hirer, or any person taking part in any activity, session or event conducted by, on behalf of the hirer.
  4. The hirer shall have access to information on the website. It is the responsibility of the hirer to familiarise themselves with this information and acknowledge online that they have read and agreed to the conditions found there within. If the booking officer prior to the booking date has not received acknowledgement and payment, it will not be possible to access the facility.
  5. Cancellation of booking of the hall shall be received up to 30 days prior to the hire date without penalty. Later cancellations shall incur an administration fee. The Buninyong Town Hall Committee may make cancellation of booking by providing 7 days notice to the hirer.
  6. In the event that an emergency alarm is falsely, mistakenly or carelessly triggered by the hirer, or any person involved in the hirer’s activity, the cost of attendance by emergency agencies shall be the responsibility of the hirer (CFA attendance for a false alarm is approx $600).
  7. Securing the building is the responsibility of the hirer, and any costs incurred in the attendance to secure the premises shall be passed onto the hirer.
  8. The hirer shall ensure that the Town Hall and it’s surrounds are left as they found it, including in a clean and safe condition after use and all furniture is stacked and stored in a tidy manner. All rubbish is the responsibility of the hirer and shall be correctly placed in the receptacles provided (there is a ‘skip bin’ in the rear carpark of the hall) or removed from the premises/precinct of the premises.
  9. Any accident, incident or damage must be reported immediately to the booking officer.
    1. The hirer must pay a security deposit to the Buninyong Town Hall Committee of the amount of $350 at the time of the booking and must maintain the deposit at that amount.
    2. The Buninyong Town Hall Committee may, at its sole discretion, use the deposit to make good the cost of remedying breaches of the hirer’s obligations under the conditions of hire (including cleaning charges and the use of contractors) and the hirer must pay whatever further amount is required to bring the deposit back to $350.
    3. As soon as practicable after the hirer has vacated the hall and performed all of its obligations under the Conditions of Hire (and rectified all breaches), the Buninyong Town Hall Committee will refund the unused part of the deposit.
    4. This clause (10) in no way limits the hirers liability under the Conditions of Hire and will be liable to pay for any other losses, costs, damages or expenses arising from breaches of obligations which exceed the deposit held by the Buninyong Town Hall Committee.
  10. If liquor is included in an admittance price or sold on the premises then a liquor licence must be obtained. Any liquor licence is the responsibility of the hirer.
  11. Due to the historical nature of the hall’s paintwork, nothing is to be attached to the painted walls or timberwork of the hall. Sticky tape, Blu Tack or any other method of attaching items to the halls’ paintwork will result in the forfeiture of your security deposit.
  12. Your receipt of these documents implies your acceptance and knowledge of the content of these documents.
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